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Lacuna Coil
If innovation is responsible for societal advancement, then Italy's Lacuna Coil can take the credit for allowing a woman to share the spotlight with her band mates in a rock metal band.

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Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon inspires with her beautiful soothing voice and guitar, and thoughtful poetry.  She comes across as an intuitive musician and dedicated artist. She released her third album The Currency of Poetry in October of 2011 which landed in the top 20 of !Earshot's national Folks/Roots/Blues chart.

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Mother's Green

RockSource360 is happy to discuss Mother's Green latest release Swimming in the Sun with founding member singer guitarist  March Giaccari.  The album was recorded at BWC Studios (The End, Moneen) in Toronto.  Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Converge, Mastodon) in New York took over the mastering duties.

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Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans talks to
RockSource360 about his autobiography Dirty
Deeds; My Life Inside/Ouside of AC/DC. 
this book, Mark fondly describes his adventures
as part of one of the most successful bands in
the world, It is a great portrait of AC/DC's ups
and downs during the formative Bon Scott years. 
Humble upbringings, rock stardom and tragedy
remind us that music, traveling, and life as a
whole can be exhilirating but challenging at
times no matter who you are.

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Mariana's Trench

Basssist Mike Ayley meets with RockSource360
to talk about Marianas Trench's new album Ever
After which went gold in its first week. 
Described as a modern day fairy tale concept
album, it will spice up your day with a sensory
adventurous musical experience.

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Ian & Alyosha
A friend told me she couldn't stop listening to this
new band from Seattle: Ivan & Alyosha.  I gave
it a listen and LOVED it!  The first EP Fathers
Be Kind was recorded in a barn which gives it a
very warm and organic texture.  Vocal harmonies
are also a strong component of their writing style.

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