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Jaime Vendera

Attention singers!  Jaime Vendera talks Extreme Scream with me on Voice Yourself Goes 360!  A good friend and mentor as well as one of the most creative person I have ever met, Jaime Vendera is an international vocal coach and the author of several books, notably Raise Your Voice.  His passion for singing and teaching consistently inspires singers around the world.  Rock stars don't hesitate to give him their support (Jim Gillette, Myles Kennedy, Angela Grossow, James Labrie, etc).

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Machine Head

Machine Head is currently taking part in the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and drummer Dave McClain has kindly accepted to talk to Voice Yourself Goes 360 about this exciting event.

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Jeremy Wagner

Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner is penning down another creative masterpiece in the format of a book this time as opposed to music as he is combining his love for heavy metal and fiction in The Armageddon hord.  In this novel, Kirk Vaisto, a virtuoso guitarist, is conflicted by the desires to play a song unearthed from beneath the Egyptian sands and saving the world from the very same song which diabolic powers will bring upon the apocalyse.

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Sweet Cyanide

New York native Sal Scoca and his band Sweet Cyanide are still keeping busy promoting their second album Sweet Cyanide II released almost
a year ago. They have become a favorite opener in their area for bands like Halestorm, Bullet For My Valentine, Pop Evil, Extreme, and Charm City Devils.

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I am Abomination

Voice Yourself Goes 360 with Phil Druyor, the lead singer of progressive metal band I Am Abomination.  Their latest EP Passion of the Heist is now available for digital download on Itune following their full-lenght album To Our Forefathers.

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Richmond, Virginia’s guitar player Alex Howard of Conditions talks to Voice Yourself Goes 360 about their up and coming summer tour with
Anarbor, Valencia, There For Tomorrow, Oceana, and Life On Repeat on the ‘There For Tomorrow Tour’.

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Plain Jane Automobile

I saw Plain Jane Automobile last summer open for Jimmy Gnecco in NYC and I was pleasantly surprised by their overall positive energy and live performance.  Having not heard
of them before, singer James "Duke" Crider's soaring vocals reminded me of U2 and that was a very comforting feeling.

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Hey Ocean!

Vancouver native David Vertesi talks to us about his band Hey Ocean!  who is hoping to release a second album next fall.  A dynamic trio, Hey Ocean! is fun to watch live and surprises by its
overall joyful stage presence.

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