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Drummer and band founder Dhani Mansworth takes the time to answer VYGoes360's questions as The Treatment prepares to hit the road along giant rockers Kiss and Motley Crue on "The Tour".  It goes without saying that the exposure in this opportunity will most likely impact the young rock 'n' roll band in a way they coudn't begin to imagine.  Expectations are high and The Treatment is ready to deliver.  With the coming album This Might Hurt, I would like to tell The Treatment: sit back and relax!  This is going to be a hell of a ride!  To be part of this exciting tour and for more info on this band, visit:
Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Introduce yourself; how did your band The Treatment get together and what's in the name
Dhani: Hey, this is Dhani from The Treatment. I got the band together while still at school. I found Ben through putting an ad out and liked his guitar playing. He fitted in well with his personality and from then on it was like a domino effect. Ben knew Swoggle, Swoggle knew Tag. We went through a few singers and eventually ended up finding Matt through Myspace. His voice was exactly what we were looking for. With the name, it was a thing that came up through all of us being big fans of the band Dr. Feelgood and from then on it seemed to stick with us.
Valerie: What artist inspires you the most and would you say has had the greatest influence in developing your writing style?
Dhani: As far as influences, it all stems from the music we were brought up on. There are all sorts of different genres from Metal to Punk that we listen to but we always end up going back to the Classic Rock bands we all love when it comes to writing. Although our sound is rooted in Classic Rock it also has a metal and punk edge. We have always loved the high energy from the early punk bands so when it comes to writing we tend to draw on all of our influences to create a sound that's high energy and heavy, but still with choruses that people will remember..
Valerie: The album This Might Hurt will be released soon.  It is praised for its classic rock 'n' roll vibes; how have you been able to bring something fresh to the rock 'n' roll scene while remaining true to your roots?
Dhani: As I said in the last question, although the basis of this band is Classic Rock, we all love current Metal bands just as we love the classic bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith and Motley Crue. We have a youthful energy and a heavy edge that seems to appeal to a wider spectrum of people than just your die hard classic rockers. We seem to be just as likely to have someone turning up to one of our shows wearing a Lamb Of God shirt as someone wearing a Zeppelin shirt!
Valerie: What part of your personality helps you the most in being creative?
Dhani: We all find that we work best when we don't take ourselves seriously. We always wind each other up and having all lived in the same house for so long we all think on the same wave-length and just have a laugh every moment of the day. Hopefully this comes across in our music and live shows! Having a good time and helping people to have a good time is what’s most important to us.
Valerie: Tell me about a song that is very personal and that you are very proud of.
Dhani: We really like 'Nothing to Lose but our Minds.' It's all about how hard it is to make it in the music business and how we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As soon as we left school we all knew that we didn't want to do anything else but play music, and we're all willing to give up anything to keep our dreams alive!
Valerie: What other topics have you written about in your songs?
Dhani: Most of our songs are about just being young and going out and enjoying yourself. There are so many bands that sing about really deep subjects but we find it’s just not us. We are all about just having a laugh and doing what you want to do. The first album is very much about having a good time, but we do dig into deeper subjects on songs like 'Just Tell Me Why' and 'Winter Sun,' which tackle subjects such as love and heart ache.
Valerie: What song generally gets the best reaction from your fans?
Dhani: We find the crowds always tend to remember ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Shake the Mountain’ as they kind of sum up the general sound of the band. People seem to really like to sing along and jump around, particularly to these songs. It's a great feeling to see a crowd really getting into your music.
Valerie: As a young up and coming artist, what is the biggest challenge you have been faced with so far and how have you been able to overcome it?
Dhani: The biggest challenge has been proving ourselves. As I have been doing this since I was 14, a lot of people don't look at you as a serious band. We've found the best way to deal with it is to just stick to your guns and ride through the hard times. It all pays off when you walk out on stage. It really makes it all worth it.
Valerie: You will be touring with Kiss and Motley Crue this summer; will you be tempted to play the fan boy and meet them?  What would you like to say or what question would you like to ask these legends?
Dhani: Yeah the first question will be how the hell did we get on this tour!? After listening to these two bands growing up, it will be really surreal at first. Being a drummer, Tommy Lee is one of my biggest influences, so it will be great to meet him. We're obviously all massive Kiss fans to, and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to opening up these shows. We want to try and grab everybody in the audience and take this chance to start our US fan base.
Valerie: What are you looking forward to the most on this tour?
Dhani: To share the stage with Kiss and Motley Crue will be insane, as if it wasn't for bands like them we may not have even become musicians. These shows are also going to be the biggest shows we've ever played. We've Googled some pictures of some of the venues, and it is completely insane to even imagine playing on those stages! Also just to see America will be amazing. It’s somewhere we have all wanted to go since kids so to be there for three months will be a dream come true!!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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