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Best known for live shows, fan sing-a-longs and three part harmonies The Love Machine are excited to share with the world their new album Sweater Weather on November 15th, 2011.  You are cordially invited to the release party at the Horseshoe on the 15th in Toronto!  A mosaic of pop tunes and catchy melodies with rock-infused influence, The Love Machine is sure to provide a good time.  To keep consistency with the name of the band and to provide a perfect example of what they are about, the overall feel good happy vibe of The Love Machine  is depicted in the first single Love Is On Your Side.  For more info on Sweater Weather and tour dates, visit TheLoveMachineBand.com  
Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Give us a little bit of history about who you are and the music that is close to your heart.

The Love Machine: We are a group of guys from Ottawa. The music we write ranges from rock pop to aggressive anthems. Because we are able to sing and write, we try to exercise this as much as possible. We try to spit out ideas and find the best path that brings them to life. Because we are not your standard group with one sole contributer we often surprise ourselves. We write about life and everything in-between.

Valerie: What other artists would you compare yourself to?

The Love Machine: I would compare us to bands like Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse and Brand New.

Valerie: You will be re-releasing our album Sweater Weather on vinyl November 18th, 2011.  What is the overall vibe of the album?

The Love Machine: Yes, we will have our re-release party at the Horseshow Tavern on the 18th.  The album is a collection of songs about relationships and life along with some other unique topics. You can expect a mostly feel good vibe from Sweater Weather.

Valerie: The album was produced by Ottawa native Jonathan Chandler (Amos The Transparent). What did you learn from working with him?

The Love Machine: Well it was our first time really working with a producer so that in itself was a learning experience.  Having to take somebody else's suggestions and use them with complete trust is an interesting thing.  Most of the changes that Jon made greatly improved the songs.  He is like a big brother to us and we love all those Amos boys.

Valerie: The first single is called Love Is On Your Side.  What can you tell me about the topic of this song?

The Love Machine: There was a girl who worked near Sean who he had flirted with.  The only thing he really knew about her was that she was a pretty serious practising christian.  Not having grown up in churches or having any real belief in organized religion, he knew nothing would really come of it.  It was the first time he really thought about religion or beliefs getting in the way of that connection.  It's kind of playing with the whole "love is bigger than everything, love conquers all" thing.  You know..."love is on your side", so what does it matter?  It's a nice idea, if not very realistic.

Valerie: Tell me about a song on your album that wrote itself up really fast in a moment where you felt really inspired.
The Love Machine: The song Be A Path which we also have a video for wrote itself very quickly. We started jamming and I believe it was within almost an hour that the song had written itself.  Sometimes when writting is going really well you want to try and pound out as many songs as possible because at other times when it isn't working so well, it can be quite discouraging.

Valerie: Is there a song on the album that is contrasting in style to the others that you would like to discuss?

The Love Machine: There are a couple. Width Eyes and Be A Path are both on a bit of a different page from some of the other songs but I feel like they still fit. Width Eyes is just more agressive than anything else and Be A Path is just creepy.  They are however two of our favourite songs on the album.

Valerie: What is your favourite song on the CD and why?

The Love Machine: Sweater Weather (the title track) is definitely our favourite song.  It's just a beautiful song that moves and envelopes from a beautiful ambient song into a heavy epic by the end with quite a trip in between.

Valerie: You have toured the East Coast extensively and participated to various music events such Ottawa Bluesfest, Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop, NXNE and CMW which earned you the designation of best band in 2011 by I(Heart)Music.net; what do you look forward to the most on tour?

The Love Machine: The best part of tour is playing to new crowds and also to old fans who we maybe haven't seen in a while. It's also nice to get away from our usual day jobs which we really only have to pay for rent while we're gone on the road. A couple of towns for us are like home for us. Fredericton and Halifax in particular are great towns for us.

Valerie: Where can we hear your music and see you play?

The Love Machine: Our Music is all over the internet; the whole album is streaming on YouTube or you could listen to songs on our myspace or bandcamp. The addresses are:

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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