Straight Line Stitch

Tennessee's Alexis Brown gives girl power one more reason to rise thanks to heavy metal band Straight Line Stitch.  With her sometimes aggressive voice and otherwise lighter tone, Alexis sings of life's hardships and heartaches.  Her band mates complements her vocals with heavy riffs and catchy rhythm parts on the guitars and drums.  Straight Line Stitch's latest album The Fight of Our Lives is currently available.  They have been headlining their own tour all over the United State so come out and support this amazing metal band!  For more info on this band and tour dates, visit:

Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Please introduce yourself and your band to us. What fuels your passion about playing and writing music?
Alexis: My name is Alexis Brown and I sing for the band Straight Line Stitch. I would definitely say it’s the freedom of expression that fuels my passion and the fact that I can speak on whatever I feel, however I want to.
Valerie: What is the metaphor behind the name Straight Line Stitch?

Alexis: No metaphor just misinterpreted lyrics. The band name was established before I joined and to my understanding it was a pass member that was listening to Eminem and thought he heard the artist say Straight Line Stitch, of course that's not what he said but he thought it was cool enough to bring back to the rest of the guys and it's who we are today.
Valerie: I'm always happy to see a female singer on fronting a metal band. Who are your role-models vocally?

Alexis: The main singers that have inspired me are Stevie Nicks, Brock Lindow of 36Crazyfists, Sade, Aaliyah, Jonathan Davis of Korn and Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw.
Valerie: Your latest release The Fight of Our Lives has done really well and has allowed you to headline your own tour recently. Do you feel as excited today about this album as you were a few months ago? Why is this album special to you?

Alexis: Yes, I still am very proud of the album because it marked a time when we as a band made a stand regarding how we wanted to write the record. There were so many people telling us what they thought would be best but in the end we stuck to our guns and stayed true to what we wanted to.
Valerie: What are you fighting for?

Alexis: There are many things that I'm fighting for. I'm fighting to continue chasing a dream, I'm fighting to live right, I'm fighting for success, I'm fighting for my family, I'm fighting for my band, I'm fighting to improve myself, and the list goes on. But they say all good things are worth fighting for.
Valerie: One of the songs that is getting a lot of attention is “What you do to me”; what is the story behind this song?

Alexis: What You Do To Me was written about how cruelly people can treat one another sometimes regardless if it's a friend, a peer, and yes, even a lover.
Valerie: You wanted this album to be “in-your-face”. What song would meet this criteria the best in your opinion? How did this song come about?

Alexis: I would definitely say the opening track off the album, Tear Down The Sky meets "the in your face" criteria. It's the perfect opening for the album because it builds so nicely then explodes into straight aggression. Tear Down The Sky was written when I had a lot of pent up hostility towards some people I thought were close to me but turned out to be otherwise. I was devastated and I needed to express the hurt that I had inside and so Tear Down The Sky was born.  
Valerie: Tell us about another song that gets lots of positive fan responses...

Alexis: Yesterday's Gone gets lots of positive feedback because it is a song that deals with the grief of losing someone. A lot of people can identify with that whether it’s losing someone through death or losing a friend or lover... we all can relate.
Valerie: What song on the album do you feel is particularly worth listening to the lyrics carefully?

Alexis: Ashes In The Wind because the lyrics are so heartfelt and beautiful.
Valerie: Although you are fronting a metal band and that is a very masculine aspect of your personality, you are also very pretty, you have a very feminine appearance, you like to play with your hair to change looks, and you often have cool outfits.  Judging by the name of your band and your interest in fashion, would you be a seamstress by any chance? Do you make your own concert/video clothing?

Alexis: In no shape or form am I that crafty (I wish I was) the truth of the matter is that I get bored with my appearance so I like to change it up every now and then.
Valerie: Haha, you look amazing!  Good on you for doing that!  What are your touring plans for this summer?

Alexis: Well as of this moment we are on tour and have been for the past month and a half. We don't get off this tour until July 9th. Our main plans are to continue touring to stay as busy as possible and to hopefully put out an album by the end of the year. I really want to try to get back overseas.

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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