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After having won 3 different contests (AMP Big ROCK STAR,  Fuel 90.3 Rock Band and Vibe 98.5)  Seventh Rain is enjoying the fruits of their luck and pluck as they prepare to release their new EP Room For A Rumor on June 19th, 2012.   Expectations are high but laid back John Byskal talks openly about being excited but not desperate in the music business.  This has been a realistic positive and successful attitude for the band that has helped keeping themselves busy by joining Mariana’s Trench, Hedley, Ill Scarlett, Ten Second Epic, Nickelback, Evanescence, Sum 41 and Third Eye Blind on the road over the recent years.  Their growing fan base is anxiously awaiting to see them on the road once again this summer.  For more info about this band and tour dates, visit:

Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Introduce yourself; what 3 words would best describe your music?

John: In all honesty, the 3 words that best describe Seventh Rain are Dance, Pop, Rock.

Valerie: You will be releasing your EP Room For A Rumour on June 19th, 2012. What makes you proud about this EP?

John: This is an entirely new sound for Seventh Rain, and that is, of course, exciting for us.  We're very stoked about the new dance-pop sound that we have and we're simply smug with how it's turned out.

Valerie: You have won a few important contests; in your opinion what made Seventh Rain stand out from the competition?

John: We weren't desperate. Nobody likes desperation. Plus, we know how to perform, and we know our scene. We play to our strengths and we slay at it. Plain and simple. We don't shit talk about other bands, and we love to see the Canadian music scene thrive.

Valerie: Room For A Rumor is an interesting title; describe how the title represents the overall delivery of the album.

John: I can't say what it means to the rest of the fellas, but to me, it means that as our band, my band, moves further and further towards our dreams, our fans stay true and that our deepest most loyal supporters remember who we are and where we came from.

Valerie: What was the first single off the EP and what is this song about?

John: The first single off of the new Room For A Rumour EP is a track called Turned Around. This song is particularly close to us, more so than others, because it is based off of a very unfortunate and saddening moment that we as a band used to shed light on a very real situation that not many people, fortunately, have had to endure. A friend of the band, who shall not be named at this time, was kidnapped and murdered. When we found out, we were all devastated. Naturally, as musicians often do, we wrote about what was affecting us. The outcome is an emotional, heartfelt track that will forever be in memory of someone who we all held closely in our hearts. Also, on another note, did I mention, Ryan may or may not have tried to fart in our mouths while we were on tour. But that's totally unrelated.

Valerie: Sorry to hear about your friend...  That's awful.  As for Ryan... That it totally groce, lol!  What other song is  meaningful to you and why?

John: Having said what I just said, I'm sure you can imagine what song is most meaningful. However, I personally believe that Hearts Not Beating holds in close contention. It marks a point in our lives where we all started to experience a lot of transition. A new era started for us, and we all sort of knew it, without quite knowing for sure. It's not something I can accurately explain, but I just know that it was those days, the days that surrounded that song, that were a marker for our new direction as a pop-rock band. Fond memories surround that recording.

Valerie: You have been very lucky to tour with popular bands Mariana's Trench, Evanescence Nickelback, Sum 41, etc... Who have you enjoyed hanging out with the most? Has life on the road been what you expected it to be?

John: Mariana's Trench would take the cake for sure. Not necessarilry because we all got along with each other, and not all that we didn't. It's just that sometimes on the road, or on one off shows, you don't have a lot of time to BS with the other bands as much as you'd like. The reason why we really liked playing with MT is because their following is right in the pocket with our own demeographic/target audience.

Valerie: Tell us about something unexpected that's happened to you on tour.
John: Ok, so, we're driving through the night to a show out in Hanna, Alberta (a little spot out of nowhere that also happens to be home to Nickleback), of all places, and decidedly we find a hotel in Drumheller on the way. We pull into the hotel at around 11pm and check in. Now, I'm not sure if you know this, but when us Seventh Rain boys get together near a place that has an operational pool, well, we just gotta get in that bitch. So we convince the front desk girl, who was helpless to our charm, that she should unlock the pool and let us in past sanctioned pool hours. Fuck yes! We partied in there for hours, and even rode a few plastic garbage cans and some lawnchairs down the slide. Good times.

Valerie: That's funny!  Hope she didn't get in trouble for that, lol!  What has been the biggest challenge you have been faced with so far and how have you been able to overcome it?
John: The biggest challenge I think we've all faced is the challenge that comes with being a working musician. We all have rent. We all have cars. We all work outside of music. And we all balance life like any other self-respecting adult. But, we just push on. What choice do we have? Bail on our dreams? Pfft. Not going to happen.

Valerie: What are your touring plans for this summer?
John: Drive. Play. Sleep. Repeat; with smiles on our faces.

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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