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Mike Nash uses his life experiences and struggles to identify through his music, ways to cope and live life fully.  He is at once a singer-songwriter and producer, joggling multiple projects at once.  His current focus is the release of his debut album The Death of Reason.  It was written over the span of 3 years while he explored Los Angeles, New York and wherever else his adventurous mind has taken him before coming back to his home land of Montreal.  The video for the lead single Taken Away was produced by Christopher Mills, who has worked with a variety of big-name artists, including Broken Social Scene, the Tragically Hip, Modest Mouse and Interpol.  For more info on this artist and tour dates, visit: NashBand.com

Interview by: Valerie Bastien

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Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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