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RockSource360 is happy to discuss Mother's Green latest release Swimming in the Sun with founding member singer guitarist  March Giaccari.  The album was recorded at BWC Studios (The End, Moneen) in Toronto.  Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Converge, Mastodon) in New York took over the mastering duties.  Mother's Green gets its influences from the grunge area over a rock metal foundation.  To find out more about this band and tour dates, visit: MothersGreen.com

Interview by: Valerie Bastien

Valerie: Tell us about how you got together as a band and what is your role in Mother's Green.
March: Well I started with an acoustic guitar writing songs and craving to have the songs played live with a full band  so I was set on getting a band together.  I wasted no time and hired bassist Brent Kervin and drummer Kevin Correia to record bass and drums for the first record which I knew through the local  music scene.  When it was time to enter BWE Studios to record Swimming in the Sun I had met Dean Glover and Mike Simpson through  producer Greg Dawson.  Mothers Green is what  I am passionate about.  I write all the songs, I play guitar and sing.  I am thankful that I get to play with good musicians. 
Valerie: Describe what music or other bands you would compare your music to, to someone who’s never heard it.
March: Well best way to describe the music would be that Mother's Green has no boundaries and no boarders. Say you had a music collection of everything from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Santana , Jimi Hendrix , Pantera  to Alicia Keys to Gipsy Kings  to BLS, Monster Magnet , COC, to Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Jordan, Luciano Pavarotti, Aretha Franklin, Queen, Steppen Wolf, Cream, Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Johnny Cash and so so so so much more I will probably feel bad because I know that this list could be so much  longer just saying artists off the top of my head.
Valerie: You have two albums under your belt Mother's Green and most recently Swimming in the Sun; is that right?
March: Yes but I just want to continue to write and put out records and grow musically as I am passionate about what I am doing.
Valerie: Why did you feel the title Swimming in the Sun represented the overall delivery of this album?
March: Well the record is a positive record.  I was inspired by being on vacation in Italy and just checking out the culture and the scenery and the ocean and the mountains, the food and wine and the sun being so bright...  I live in Canada and the sun ain't as bright as it was when I was on my trip and at the same time it was  a breath of fresh air.
Valerie: How do you feel you have grown musically since your first self -titled debut?
March: I think I grown a lot,  I have learned a lot and I hope I  continue to grow.  I feel I am just getting started.  I take way more time writing songs and I am definitely not afraid to experiment.
Valerie: Tell us about the first single and video Observation for the Day.
March:  Well the song is about how as beautiful the world is, there’s still fucked up stuff like corruption and massive greed and how no one seems to care about how people are starving and struggling.  Its like the only main focus is this piece of paper that sets limitations on the value of life.
Valerie: What is your favourite song on Swimming in the Sun?
March:  I dont have a favourite  song on the record.  To me every song is like a different chapter in a book or different scene in a movie; its what makes the record.
Valerie:  The first time I heard the name of your band I felt like it might convey a certain purpose.  Is it important to you to write meaningful lyrics?
March: Well yes I write straight from the heart and I am very selective on the message.  I am not going to write a cheesy pop song and talk about things that I cant relate to.  I like to paint a picture with words and describe how I feel.
Valerie: What song would you say particularly has an important message that you would like people to relate to?
March: I think that people can relate to the whole record.  Every song is honest and passionate.  There are songs about having a good time, there are break up songs and songs about everyday life.
Valerie: I read on your website that you will soon be on tour .  What are your near future plans in that respect?
March: Well we are playing May 19 at the bug jar  in Tochester NY and are excited cause it will be our  first show in the states.  We are putting a small club tour together for the summer.  It will be exciting!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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