Mean Tangerine

Mean Tangerine is  a soulful rock band with a touch of ska and funk.  Fans will be happy to know that Mean Tangerine is currently offering a free download of its EP Neon Light via DriveRecordsMean Tangerine was featured on the 2nd season of the popular MuchMusic show Disband.   Mean Tangerine is slowly exblishing itself in the music industries and is proud of having shared the stage with Our Lady Peace, Raekwon the Chef, Finger 11, T-Pain, The Trews, and many more!  For more info on this band and tour dates, visit:
Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Please introduce yourself to our audience!

Max:  I'm Max Off and I’m the lead singer of Mean Tangerine.  We are a four piece Rock, Soul band playing out of Toronto!

Valerie: How did your band come together?

Max: We came to be the band we are today starting when we were all high school sweethearts in London, Ontario.. playing around the province.  Then we got a new bass player based purely on muscle size and aestetics, and we’ve grown to start touring around all of Canada and the U.S.  The band consists of ee (vocals, guitar, piano) Jesse Wilks (vocals, lead guitar) Mike Carey (vocals, drums) Jesse Robitaille (vocals, bass).

Valerie: What are the main characteristics of your music style?

Max: In terms of musical style we started as a punk/ska/rock band and have evolved into more of an indie rock band with a Motown vibe into it while still holding on to the roots we started with. We try to incorporate everything we’re into at the time of writing a song into the music we’re making...  Except for when Jesse listened to only Orca noises for like two weeks straight.. We didn’t use that.

Valerie: Your new EP Neon Ligths will be coming out shortly; why is this album special to you?

Max: Our new album the Neon Lights EP is special to us because all of us are just so excited to finally have new music out.  The last time we released new music other than at shows was when we were still teenagers. Now we're old, ugly and jaded and want the world to understand just how seasoned we are,  Everythings evolved for us since the last release, as it does when people grow up and it really comes out in this EP.

Valerie: What expectations did you have before releasing Neon Lights and have these expectations been met?

Max: I don’t know if there were any specific expectations or just hopes that as many people as possible would give it a chance, as I feel like this new sound can appeal to most people. Everyone we’ve shown so far that I’ve asked their opinion on are really stoked on it  But we definitely want to keep spreading the word.

Valerie: A track that is getting some attention is On My Way Home.  What is this song about?

Max: I wrote On My Way Home, during the long drive from Calgary back to Toronto after the last date of our last years North American tour. It’s basically about how the band throws you into situations being in new cities, or crappy bars, and you gotta figure it out how to make the best of it..  I’m pretty sure we’ve played in every basement dank bar in Canada, and are working on the states now.  It’s a ton of fun though and this song is kind of about that..

Valerie: Tell me about two songs that are contrasting in styles on this album.

Max: Two songs that are contrasting in styles on the EP are Neon Lights and RunawayNeon Lights is one of the first songs we wrote that was more rock oriented. It’s a heavier track and deals a lot with the lifestyle of trying to make a go of it as a musician.  Runaway is kind  of a bluesier Motown song. It shows how the band is evolving even as we record.

Valerie: Is there a song on the album that you hold very close to your heart? What is it about and why is that so?

Max: I like all the songs on the EP and they're just a sample of songs to come on the full length we’re planning on releasing mid August.  All the songs are different than anything we’ve ever put out before. My favorite on the EP is probably On My Way but on the full length it’s a song called Tomorrow. I like that one because it’s the first song I wrote on piano,and has more of a motowny feel.

Valerie: Tell about another song that gets lots of positive fan responses.

Max: One of the songs on the EP is called Let it Slide and we open with that one when we play live.  It’s a faster song and usually gets people grinding up on each other, in the most sexual sense. I like that one.

Valerie: What song on the album do you feel is particularly worth listening to the lyrics carefully?

Max: All the lyrics on the album are all pretty relatable.  We are all guys with regular jobs or in school just trying to figure shit out... Most of the songs are about that.

Valerie: What are you touring plans for this summer?

Max: This summer we’re hoping to go out east in both Canada and the States, and continue growing our fan base there.  Thank you!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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