Kristina Maria

Get up on your feet and dance with gorgeous Kristina Maria.  Her new Album Tell the World is now out.  Crank up the music and shake it!  An impressive list of writers and producers have worked on making the recording of this album successful.  For instance: Vito Luprano (Céline Dion), Kristian Lundin (The Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync), Andreas Carlsson (Katy Perry, Clay Aiken), Anders Bagge (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez), Peer Astrom (Enrique Iglesias, Lara Fabian, Ace of Base), Josh Alexander (Leona Lewis), and JC Chasez (Girls Aloud, Basement Jaxx).  I think that this alone is quite an achievement for an emerging Canadian artist.  Well done  Kristina!  Tell the World was recorded partly in Montreal, Sweden, Los Angeles and Miami adding to its dance international flavour,   Her first singles "Let's Play", "Co-Pilot" and "Our Song Comes On" are currently receiving consistent air play on Canadian radios.  For more information on this artist and tour dates, visit:

Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Can you please introduce yourself!

Kristina: I'm a woman who loves, who cares, who is sensitive, who is extremely silly and that writes her thoughts. That’s what steered me to write my own lyrics!

Valerie: Talk to me about your music. What inspires your writing?

Kristina: I co-wrote most of my songs and they all reflect on how I felt at that moment in my life when I wrote them. So there's my fun pop songs and my sad songs. People can relate to it. Honestly if you listen to my album, it's like a journey. You have that European feel, Canadian feel and American feel to it.

Valerie: Tell me about your latest album Tell the World. What makes you proud?

Kristina: I'm proud that I finished my album Tell the World! I'm happy I get to share it with everyone!

Valerie: Why did you feel the title represented the overall delivery of this album?

Kristina: Because first of all, it's one of the songs in my album and secondly, it's what this business is about! You need to be able to tell the world how you feel! I feel great that I get to put my lyrics on songs and hopefully people get to hear it!

Valerie: How do you feel you have grown musically since your beginnings in the music industry that makes you unique and who you are today?

Kristina: Well thanks to my Manager Vito Luprano, he introduced me to the best writers ever! And with each person I gained more and more knowledge. It helped me develop my vocal and writing skills.

Valerie: What is the first single for this album and what is it about?

Kristina: My first single was "Let's Play". It's funny because Kristina Lundin (one of the writers) sent me the song and asked me to write the lyrics for it. I was working with another writer, Negin, and we ended up writing a love song! When I went to L.A. to record it, Kristian said " I don't know...  I think we should write something more risqué!" And that's how "Let's Play" was born! It's a fun clever song that lets each individual from 4 till 50 imagine what ever they want to. A child could be talking about a friend and toys whereas a grown person could be talking about the opposite sex (Depending on how dirty minded you are lol)!

Valerie: What is your favourite song on this album?
Kristina: As an artist this is a really hard question to answer. For me they're all my babies. I might prefer some more than others but I love them all!

Valerie: Is it important to you to write meaningful lyrics? Explain what song in particular resonates with you on a personal level.

Kristina: Right now I'm writing positive and fun lyrics. I co wrote 11 out of 15 songs on the album. And the ones I didn't write, I feel a strong connection with. Because Tell the World is basically a day in the life of Kristina Maria. They all resonate with me on a personal level.

Valerie: What song would you hope for people to relate to specifically and why?

Kristina:"Our Song Comes On"because anyone can relate to it. It's about a relationship gone wrong. There's always that one song that reminds you of that person.

Valerie: Do you have any near future touring plans? Where can we buy your music and see you play?

Kristina:  For the moment I'm doing some club dates. But my goal in the near future is to put together a live band and go on a mini live tour around the country! If you want to check out if I'm hitting up your city to perform, creep my Facebook my twitter or my site!! You can find my singles on iTunes and buy my album on April 10!!!!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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