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Singer-songwriter Brad Fillatre from Corner Brook's band The Evelyn Room is ready to release a solo effort with his EP "For Your Weakness".  East Coast roots interlace folk and pop influences with acoustic and electric instruments.  There is something very chilled and raw about Brad's vocals that gives a very personal, honest and intimate quality to the songs.  Listening to this EP put me in a very pensive state that was somewhat soothing and comforting.  "For Your Weakness" had the intended emotional effect on me and felt a little stronger at the end of it.  Thank you Brad!  For more info on this artist and tour dates, visit:
Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Introduce yourself; how has music in your life helped you define who you are today?

Brad: My name is Brad, and I'm a singer/songwriter from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, currently living in Toronto.

I was always curious about instruments when I was little.  I took guitar lessons as a kid and that never stuck. I got very bored and disinterested in getting lessons, so I stopped playing. A few years later, my own developing interest in music brought me back to the guitar. It didn't take long for my hobby to turn into a full on obsession. As soon as I could make my way around the guitar comfortably I began to form my own chord progressions and ideas. These ideas/songs never really materialized into anything at this early stage, but I knew I had found a creative outlet, and that gave me purpose in life very early on. Years have passed and my passion for playing music and writing songs has only grown stronger.  So yes, music has been a very defining part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Valerie: You will be releasing your new EP “For Your Weakness”.   That's very exciting.  Why is this EP special to you?

Brad: This EP marks the beginning of my career as a recording artist. It represents the leap from self-conscious songwriting and development as a musician, to actually being what I set out to be, and having enough confidence in myself to share what I have created. 

Valerie: Can you explain the title of the EP “For Your Weakness”? What does it mean to you?

Brad:   Included on the EP are songs that express a kind of loneliness, sadness, and heartbreak. Everyone has had moments of weakness in their life. "For Your Weakness" is a title that touches on that I believe.

Valerie: Tell me about the first single on the EP; what is it about?

Brad: The first official single is called "New Tattoo". I always wanted to write a song that incorporated traditional east coast rhythm and instrumentation. The music is such a integral part of my Newfoundland heritage. "New Tattoo" is my way of expressing that influence.  Lyrically I would interpret it as being a call for some kind of validation in a relationship.  Expressing the moment when the tides are shifting, and the uncertainty that comes with that. A new tattoo can symbolize change.

Valerie: Tell me about a song that wrote itself up easily...

Brad: "Face The Dark" was one of those songs that came very quickly. I think it was a matter of a few days from inception to completion. That is a very rare occurrence for me but sometimes I get lucky. There is no greater feeling than a song that just comes to you like that!

Valerie: What song represents who you are the best on the album?

Brad: I do like and relate to the hopeful sentiment in the song "Wheels". It's kind of a reaffirmation that everything will be OK in the end.  Something I think we all have to remind ourselves of at times.  I'm not the type of writer that sits down with a note pad and pens out my thoughts. I pick up the guitar and play. Sounds and melodies form over chords and words develop from that foundation. I am usually left trying to interpret the songs as if I had never written them in the end. I don't know if any of the songs really represent me, as much as they represent a time or a feeling that I have experienced at some point in my life.

Valerie: You come across as a sensitive person which is a good quality in an artist of course! What's more difficult to write; a happy song or a sad songs? How come?

Brad: I just do what comes naturally. Whenever I make a conscious effort to write a happy or more upbeat song it always seems forced. I guess that I'm just meant to express the more melancholy side of things. I've always been attracted to darker sounding music so that must rub off on what I do.

Valerie: What are your touring plans to promote this EP?

Brad: My aspirations are to tour and play as many live shows as possible.  As of right now I'll be concentrating on Southern Ontario and the East Coast. I'd love to play the summer festival circuit across Canada in the future but will have to wait and see...

Valerie: What are you looking forward to the most on this new adventure?

Brad: For me the most important thing is continuing to grow as a songwriter and performer.  Secondly, is to share what I do with as many people as possible. I guess the adventure lies in the unknown, and right now there is a big ol' world out there. I just hope my music finds it's way to the people who will connect with it.

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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