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Black Stone Cherry
It is my pleasure to talk music with Black Stone Cherry's frontman Chris Robertson about their new CD Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea coming out on May 31st, 2011.  The vintage rock bluesy quality of their sound is well preserved on this third music effort.  Black Stone Cherry had the opportunity to work with  Ben Howard for this album who is well known in the music industry for his contribution to the work of several award winning artists.  You might have heard the hits "Blind Man" and "Please Come In" from their previous work on your local rock radio which achieved quite considerate success.  Black Stone Cherry surprised  me during their live performance; they were far heavier then I expected from having listened to their songs online and they carried themselves with exceptional energy.  I also happen to think that Chris Robertson has one of the most beautiful masculine voice of rock radio at the present time!  I'm sold!  For more info on this band and tour dates, visit BlackStoneCherry.com

Interview by: Valerie Bastien

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Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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