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Ottawa’s Hit station hot 89.99 Fm called Anastasia A the most talked about artist at the last Juno's.  Her music has been featured on Down with Webster's Cd album work and she's participated in JD Era's new music video Fame and Fortune.  She has been writing and co-producing records for artists, film & television placements; she's a busy lady but right now, her full focus is on her solo career with the release of her album Kiss and Tell last February.  The title track and fisrt single is doing extremely well and has brough over some well-deserved attention and a growing fan base.  I saw Anastasia perform this weekend at the Hard Rock Cafe's After Dark  for the Toronto International Music Summit and I can say that she is an energetic and fun to watch performer; well done Anastasia!  For more info on this artist and tour dates, visit her Facebook here.

Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: You come from a musical family with your dad being a professional drummer. Explainhow you learned to sing and write music. Do you play other instruments?

Anastasia: I am very blessed to have been raised by a family who appreciates music in all its forms. My father being an incredible musician has been a great inspiration to me. It feels really good to have parents who accept my love for music and have been nothing but supportive with my new career path. Singing has always been a part of my day to day routine since I was a little girl. I used to always sing in my room. I would record countless tapes of myself singing over artists such as Britney Spears, Brandy, All saints. I taught myself how to sing based on what I heard on the radio. I do appreciate formal training but had only done a few months of any vocal lessons when I was younger. I play piano but I like co-producing more. My intense University program did not allow me to learn the guitar lol that is my excuse.
Valerie: You seem very young; how do your friends at school respond to your success as a young artist?

Anastasia:  Thank you. I used to live in a small town and had to move to the city to make my dreams happen so most of my friends are in different towns. When I decided to take this very seriously and really commit to my career and focus, I lost a ton of friends. My many roles as a recording artist keep me busy and I am sort of a workaholic.  I do wish I could see my friends more though.  Right now I am just focusing on my dream to inspire kids through pop music.

Valerie: Your album Kiss and Tell was released last February by BMMG Universal. What were your expectations before it came out and have they been met so far?

Anastasia: My debut single Kiss and Tell was released on Valentine ’s Day; yes!  Oh wow!  So much was going through my mind when we released it.  It is so much pressure and we had it on hold for about 5 months or so.  When we finally released it, we got amazing feedback.  It led me to some amazing industry people and has even got me publishing interest right away!  I believe that my vision with the single is happening.  To be honest, I was terrified of what people were going to think but I mean those were just bad days.  I am so proud of my team who has worked so hard on this single and I cannot believe the things this single has lined up for me.  I did not expect to perform at Canadian Music week,  Go to Junos, lock down some amazing writing opportunities, not to mention meet FLO RIDA in his private booth…  It has been incredible.

Valerie: The first single which is also the title track for the album is a fun song about privacy in romance. Do you think that this is still possible in 2012 with all the social medias around?

Anastasia: Kiss and Tell is really about when you meet someone and you want to really engage on a personal level with out them talking to their friends about you. I did not write it about actually kissing and telling, it was more so about dating and going with the flow.  Its about the privacy between a couple when they first meet. I think anything is possible in 2012 regardless of our FB and Twitter addictions lol  I think if you truly love someone, you are probably with them enjoying your time with them… not on FB trying to prove your love to anyone else.

Valerie: I totally agree with you.  I have a love/hate relationship with these media, lol!  What other topics have you written about on this album?

Anastasia: This album has a mixture of songs about love, loss and heartbreak. I feel like I am moving on from the heartbreak songs and maybe keeping only one or two on.  My experience and outlook on life has changed dramatically since I started this project only last summer so I want to continue writing songs to my fans that I relate with.  They are about being in love, being scared or vulnerable sometimes, feeling confident, and of course some songs that make you want to get ready to go out.

Valerie: What is your favourite song on the album?

Anastasia: I would have to say my favourite song on the album would be I Got You which is a romantic ballad about when you love someone and they have a hold on you but they won’t give you your all.  It shows you that no one way to love is right and it takes you to a place where you have been hurt but you still love the person anyway.
Valerie: Describe a song that wrote itself up quickly and another that in the contrary took very long!

Anastasia: I took a 35 min bike ride last summer and recorded an entire concept for a song onto my blackberry at the time!  By the time I got off my bike, I knew the song was done.  However,  Save Me took a very long time!  It took a few months however, that song is VERY personal and was about the hardest break up I ever experienced.  The song is incredible because of that.  Sometimes when I am writing it happens fast but if I do not live my life and get out every now and then… I find no inspiration.  Sitting on Facebook is not inspiring!!!
Valerie: What song is the most meaningful to you and why?

Anastasia: Save Me because it was the first song I wrote when I decided that I wanted to take the chance at becoming a recording artist. I swear that song has parts of my guts all over it. Every time I hear it, I can just feel how sad I was at the time to have lost someone. It’s a powerful song for sure.

Valerie: As mentioned earlier, your dad is an experienced professional musician. What advice has your dad given you about trying to make it in this business?

Anastasia: My dad has given me tons of great advice like to be realistic, be careful and to not get sound guys mad!  He always says “ I told you so” but I am far too stubborn to listen to him.  I guess it is because he is my dad!!!  To be honest, the music business is a lot different than it was when my dad was touring.  I educate myself on the business now and do a ton of research.  I am very business oriented and when it comes to my music career, I take on a lot of the work.  Today no one cares about demos so much so I work on not just creating a “true” fan base but also gathering loyal fans!  An A&R will see you eventually if you make enough Buzz!

Valerie: What are your touring plans for this summer?

Anastasia: I cannot say too much since some of the big news has not been announced yet but I will say that I will be doing some type of radio tour and working on a second video, planning a tour for the fall and getting back into the studio. It is just the beginning for an exciting year!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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