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You might have heard Amos the Transparent's song "After All That, It's Come to This" recently featured on a t.v. add for the PlentyOfFish dating website.  Looking for love in the wrong places, Canadian rock band Amos  the Transparent pours its heart out with its new baby: Goodnight My Dear,..   I'm Falling Apart.  Yet no stranger to love, Amos the Transparent's previous releases have received huge airplay on Canadian radio stations and that is something to rejoyce about!  Beautiful voices, elcctric guitars and strings come together in this heartfelt delivery.  For more info on  this band and tour dates, visit: AmosTheTransparent.com

Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Can you please introduce yourself! Talk to me about your music.

Jonathan: Hello. I'm the singer in a band called Amos The Transparent. We are a 7 person collective. Rooted in folk, we are notorious for incorporating many influences in our songs. This makes us seem a little incoherent I suppose, but its always intentional. Sadly, there is never any reggae or rap-rock. Is that was it was called? Like Limp Biskit kind of stuff. I can't rap and I look stupid in a ball cap.

Valerie: No problem!  Our audience is interested in diversity.  What inspires your writing? Tell me about your latest album.

Jonathan: Most songs are about day to day life. I'd like to write in a generic way, nothing too personal, nothing too political or anything like that. I pride myself on the moments when people say "I was going through that exact thing" or "I know exactly what you are singing about". I've had many people tell me that our first record got them through some tough times, that means the world to me. Our newest release, "Goodnight, My Dear… I'm Falling Apart" is really about coming to terms with the next phases of life, choosing between security and passion and documenting what we have become, as a group.

Valerie: I can relate to that.  What makes you proud?

Jonathan: My Daughter. Seeing what we've accomplished without changing our postal code. Our new record.

Valerie: Why did you feel the title represented the overall delivery of this album?

Jonathan: I'm a fan of records named from a lyric, that was the case with this one. Our guitarist, Dan Hay, picked 10 or so lyrics that he saw a good fit for the title of this record, this was the one the majority of us picked.
I have a feeling that the title really gives a perception of sadness and something very dark which probably doesn't help anyone find it particularly attractive. Although there are some dark moments to the record, part of me likes to think of it as being hopeful, in a way. You always have to acknowledge an issue before you can address it, and I see this statement as an acknowledgement. It's always darkest before dawn kind of thing. The other part of me sees it for what it is on paper and that, to me, reflects everything that has been poured into this band, into this record, trying to keep this ship afloat. 

Valerie: How do you feel you have grown musically since your beginnings in the music industry that makes you unique and who you are today?

Jonathan: We've gone through so many changes that I'm not really sure as to where to start. I think that with experience comes a maturity and that spawns an ability to comprehend and be aware of what you're a part of. I think learning to play together as a 7 piece is our greatest accomplishment. Although, being a large band isn't exactly something unique these days, I'd like to think that we are doing something interesting and can offer something different than the next band.

Valerie: What is the first single for this album and what is it about?

Jonathan: The first single is called "Sure as the Weather". It's about getting though the day, rolling with the punches and coming to terms with your place.

Valerie: What is your favourite song on this album?

Jonathan: At the moment, I'd probably lean towards "Up & Out"

Valerie: Is it important to you to write meaningful lyrics? Explain what song in particular resonates with you on a personal level.

Jonathan: I think it's important to want to sing about something meaningful. To stick with the theme, I'd have to admit that "Up & Out" paints a picture of many things I've talked while answering these questions.

Valerie: What song would you hope for people to relate to specifically and why?

Jonathan: I want people to relate to whatever they are drawn towards. At the end of the day, I'm honoured that people are listening to our record. If they listen so closely that they feel something and take something home from it, I feel like I'm doing my job as a musician.

Valerie: Do you have any near future touring plans? Where can we buy your music and see you play?

Jonathan: We will be touring around Ontario and Eastern Canada a bunch in the next year and on and on. We'd love to head West if any agents want to help us book and some stations want to start spinning our tunes… wink wink. As for anywhere abroad, we're always thinking about where to go and how to get there, it's just a matter of logistics for now but, stay tuned! You never know what opportunities may arise. You can find our newest record at HMV nationwide and many major retail outlets, our website, iTunes and I'm sure you can probably find a torrent or two if you're the thieving type.

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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