In this Danish/Swedish melodic metal band, a constant vortex of voices takes place competing for attention against spectacular frontwoman Elize Ryd. Her singing partners in crime Andy and Jake E differ in their vocal tone to create an interesting trio upon the rumbling guitars and drums.  In the end she wins over everyones' interest with her splendid soprano voice.  High in drama and story telling, Amaranthe's new track "Mechanical Illusion" follows in a suit of dark and futurist, yet catchy songs from their upcoming album Nexus due to come out on March 26th, 2013 in the US.  Band members Olof and Jake took a few minutes to answer our questions in the interview below.  For more info on this band and tour dates, visit  
Interview by: Valerie Bastien
Valerie: Please introduce yourself.  Describe what bands have influence your musical genre the most yet.

Olof: We are playing music that is the result of a pretty wide mixture of genres, so it is a little bit tricky to point out specific bands. However, since I was personally growing up with a lot of melodic death metal in the mid 90's, that has definitely left its mark on Amaranthe's music; bands such as In Flames, Soilwork, Evergrey etc are probably a noticable influence.

Valerie: Your band stands out for having 3 singers sharing the mic duties. Explain why that is an essential part of Amaranthe. Are you all trained singers?

Jake: It was just a pure coincident from the start.  I think that having 3 singers with 3 totally different styles makes the music interesting in a brand new way. Yes Elise started as a cabaret singer and studied vocals and dance for many years. Me and Andy have sung for more then 10 years so we're not really new to singing either.

Valerie: Do sometimes compete for the spotlight during the song writing process?

Olof: Not really, since it is always a collaborative effort. We are not one of those bands where one member sits down and writes a song all by himself and then sends it to the rest of the guys. It is more me, Jake and Elize sitting down, as friends, composing together and in the end it is hard to say who actually wrote what - and that is the way we prefer it.

Valerie: You will be releasing your 2th album “The Nexus” this spring. What are your expectations and hopes for this album?

Jake: I hope that the fans will love it and that we can tour more countries and make new fans!  The tour has started out fantastic so far!

Valerie: How did the title “The Nexus” come about?

Olof: That title has been with us for quite some time, and we chose it for several different reasons.  Basically it has a very futuristic feel to it, and it is also related to the story we are telling on the album, which is also grounded in a dystopian futuristic setting. "The Nexus" also means a form of connecting point, the centre of a network - and it is in that way related to our blend of genres, and members with diverse pasts.

Valerie: Just recently the new track “Mechanical Illusion” was unveiled. What is this song about?

Jake: All songs are part of a greater story that continues from the first album. I want the listener to make up their own idea what the song means for them!

Valerie: What song on the album represents who the band is the best?

Olof: I would say that the single we chose, "THE NEXUS" is a good representation of the whole album, and the sound of Amaranthe in general.  It has a very catchy chorus, a super heavy down tuned intro riff, the mixture between our three vocalists, and so on. Basically all the hallmarks of what we are trying to acheive musically with this band.

Valerie: There is a strong theatrical aspect in your music; where does that come from?

Jake: I guess you refere to the videos?  We just don't wanna make videos where you just stand in front of a camera playing the song. We want you to wanna see the video and listen to the song over and over again.
Valerie: How does “The Nexus” show musical maturing as a departure from your previous release “Amaranthe”?

Olof : More than departing from something that worked, we are trying to retain that which was actually quite successful on the first album. However, we didn't want it to be a mere repetition of the first album, so we introduced some new elements, but most importantly we cranked everything to eleven; the heavy parts are heavier, the melodic parts more melodic, and the catchy parts catchier. Basically, this is the album we wanted to make with our debut, but didn't have the experience to achieve.

Valerie: Describe your dream of succeeding in the music business?  What do you think you or any musician has to do to achieve success in today's industry?

Jake: We already live our dream but of  course you always wanna make it bigger!
Valerie: Where and when can we see and hear you play?

Olof: Absolutely everywhere; you can check our website for the latest tour dates, because "THE NEXUS" will bring us to all corners of the world, several times over.  Specifically for the US, we are currently looking at a number of different opportunities. So see you on the road soon!

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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